Purifying, ultra absorbent and detoxifying!

Viiral presents A.CARBON, an active carbon mask  that stands out in the market due to its valuable composition and quick drying.

A.CARBON is a cream peel- off mask with a suction effect, it eliminates black head and pores impurities. It is an exfoliating, purifying and lightening mask.

Ideal for T-Zone and help to reduce sun spot and improve skin radiance.

It is not suitable for sensitive skin or with desquamation.

  • Better texture

  • More elasticity

  • Prevents sun spots

  • Clean pores

  • Suction effect

  • Dries in 20-30 min.


Dilate pores with warm water, moistening a towel or cotton.
Apply the mask on clean skin to perfectly cover its color and achieve a uniform and thick layer. It can be applied on the entire face or only in specific areas, such as zone T.
Let it dry for 20-30 minutes and then remove it like a film, peeling from top to bottom holding the skin for comfort.
Rinse the last residues with water and hydrate.
For all skin types, use with caution on dry, sensitive or peeling skin. Do not apply on eyebrows, eye contour or facial hair.