100% absorbent, ultra fine, whitening and fresh breath

A natural method for tooth whitening: the charcoal powder is only composed of organic plant matter, and is therefore fully respectful of your oral health.
The charcoal also displays an absorbing power and abrasive action through its micro-particles. The powder adheres to the porous surface of the tooth, absorbing the particles that cause the stains, and enables soft brushing of the enamel without causing damage. In this way, the yellowing disappears, along with any stains caused by coffee, tea, alcohol, smoking or food in general.
Its detoxifying action traps and eliminates any toxins and bacteria. Usually, oral bacteria are the cause of bad breath and by eliminating them, we eliminate the source of the bad breat.

  • 100% natural method

  • Removes stains and lightens pigmentations, without damaging the enamel

  • Regulates bucal acid ( pH 7,2 )

  • Decreases cavities, halitosis, gingivitis and gum deseases

  • Removes dental plaque

  • Purifies microbial flora of the mouth

  • Fresh flavor


Deep the toothbrush in the pot of charcoal powder to impregnate it.

Cleep your teeth with charcoal in the same way you do with your usual toothpaste.
Rinse your mouth and spit several times. It is normal if the teeth continue black.

Brush your teeth again with your usual toothpaste or Bright Carbon Toothpaste to achieve faster whitening

Use preferably when brushing your teeth at night.
Daily use is recommended during the first month and after, at least 10 days a month to maintain the treatment.

Not recommended for pregnant woman, breast feeding or people suffering gum desease.

Keep out of the reach of children an mantain de product in a dry place.