A gentle method to make your teeth whiter!

The activated bamboo charcoal powder, related to sodium bicarbonate, makes the Bright Carbon toothpaste a product that is 100% effective for sensitive teeth and against bad breath. The charcoal, obtained from bamboo bark, is a finer powder than that obtained from coconut and is less aggressive. It eliminates tooth stains and yellowing caused by coffee, tea, wine or smoking. The activated charcoal freshens the breath, balances out oral acidity and removes dental plaque. It brings back the natural whiteness of the enamel and purifies the bacterial flora in the mouth. Perfect for everyday use.

An immediate sense of freshness and progressive whitening with visible results from the first two weeks.

Not recommended for pregnant women, infants or people suffering from gum disease.

  • Vegetable

  • Absorbent

  • Removes stains

  • Lightens pigmentations

  • Regulates bucal acid

  • Doesn´t damage enamel

  • Removes dental plaque

  • Purifies microbial flora

  • Fresh breath

  • Decreases cavities and halitosis

  • Approved by FDA